My Post-Vacation “Detox​”

6 Ways to Cleanse After a Cruise ​

1. Hit the (water) Bottle

I did not stay as hydrated as I wanted to during my vacay. So today I woke up with a large glass of water and am keeping track of my H2O intake while adding a few extra ounces to help flush things out.

2. Cut back

Overindulging during any vacation especially cruises and an all-inclusive is very common. The first step to getting back on track is cutting back. Planning ahead and meal prepping are great tools. For me tracking my calories for a few days is a great reminder of what is hunger and what is post vacation appetite. I make sure I  have nutritious healthful foods in stock.   Not every meal needs to end in dessert like it did while in paradise so a sweet treat for me this week is lots of fruit and my favorite pot of chai tea. 

3. Plan ahead

For me, going grocery shopping and planning the meals ahead of time is most important. Building meals around lean protein, fresh veggies, and whole grains allows me to stay full all day long. (see part of my post-vacation grocery haul below)

4. Exercise

Get moving again! Even if it’s a brisk walk before or after dinner.

5. Sleep

With late-night parties, early mornings in port and non-stop fun– sleep was not a priority during vacation. The goal is to get back to your usual sleep schedule. Allow yourself some extra time in bed to help yourself adjust.

6. Let it go

Yes, you overindulged. One key for ensuring you get back on track is to let go of any guilt you might be feeling. Today is a new day make the most of it and enjoy!!!

Part of my Post- Vacation Grocery Haul

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