What’s with all the Banza?

I am always  on the hunt for new products  for a number of reasons. I like to mix it up so I can enjoy variety and I love to find a new and improved version of some of my favorite foods. We are a pasta family  but can I be honest?– it is one of my trigger foods, no ½ a cup is going to cut it and it doesn’t alway fill me up.

When I was at my nutrition conference I was introduced to many new brands, Banza was one of them.  So armed with a few boxes of pasta, January was spent trying out new recipes with my newest noodles.

So what did I find , We still love pasta. I think it is the versatility of it that is so wonderful. I experimented with it for breakfast, lunch dinner and desert. There are some days that we like to go meatless. This new high protein pasta surprisingly sustained me. Which meant I was able to eat a much much smaller portion and feel full for hours. I also loved that it was gluten free for some of my family members .

So please feel free to browse my january journey through pasta I hope some of my ideas and recipes inspire you.



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